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Magnets or Replacement Velcro

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Attachment Material

All shades come with either Magnets or Velcro™ depending on the size so will be ready to hang upon receiving. Using magnets for Metal Fixtures is the EASIEST way to install your Lightwrap! It really only takes just a couple minutes to attach to a metal fixture right out of the box.  If you have brackets with existing Velcro use a hot blow dryer to "melt" the glue and make easier to pull it off. 

** As of 10/23 we ship all 25" shades and shorter with magnets unless requested otherwise. 36" or longer include Velcro bracket attachments and superglue. Note listings below if purchasing at time of shipping your shade, saves us shipping cost.

For mirrored fixtures order super glue with Velcro™. Velcro™ can come in a plain envelope if you have your own glue. Super glue is usually necessary for Mirrored Fixtures. Attention renters: Super glue is very easy to remove from mirror with a razor blade.

Pricing includes shipping so quite discounted if purchased at the time of your shade.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bruce Long

It is a good set up. I will say the magnets seem to be gently weak. But it does connect, but it can be displaced very easily.

Mary Boyce
EzLightwraps MAGNETS

I purchased the 60” shade. We used the magnet brackets to attach it to my fixture. It looked great but the shade fell off 3 days later. Very disappointed.

brittany Anderson
Love these shade covers!

There were the addition to our master bathroom that we needed without spending money or worrying about an electrician to change light fixtures. Highly recommend!

Kathleen Howard
The magnets didn’t work for me

The magnets are curved and can’t make a good contact I’m going to use some Command Velcro items instead.


Velcro fell off fixture was so disappointed, so I am trying the glue- magnets did not come with the Light cover.

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