Hmmm - Do I have Hollywood lights?

Hmmm - Do I have Hollywood lights?

These builder grade lights are also known as "Hollywood lights", but there really is nothing glamorous about them!  Those strip lights can still be bought for little to nothing, but look dated and cheap in most baths, and those LED bulbs add so much glare! New Bulbs are super bright (yeah! so effective for brightening the bath and using less energy) but boo - those boob lights just shine in your eyes. With our shades you don't need those round specialty bulbs, as any LED bulbs will be hidden by our shades. 

Outdated Bathroom Strip Lights

We cover all these types of lights! If you have mirrored fixtures, (Here showing on a medicine cabinet) please consider ordering the superglue unless you already have some. Even our industrial strength Velcro has a hard time sticking well on that slippery surface. When you want to remove the glue, it scrapes right off with a razor blade. 

On the Modern LED lights - these are brand new! But I still have folks wanting to cover because of the brightness of those bulbs.

With these glass shades (last 2 photos) the bulbs stick out at each end and you will likely stick the brackets right to the wall. In the last photo you would have the choice to use 2 or four bulbs!

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