1. What are EzLightWraps?

EzLightWraps are retrofit lighting products designed to update lighting without the need for electrical work. They are ideal for homeowners, home sellers, and renters looking for a quick and budget-friendly way to transform their lighting.

2. How do EzLightWraps work?

Our light shades are specifically designed to cover and enhance Hollywood-style lights. They are easily removable, making them perfect for situations where permanent changes to the bathroom are not possible. EzLightWraps offer a classic look with a variety of bracket color options.

3. How do EzLightWraps diffuse glaring LEDs?

EzLightWraps are crafted with materials that effectively diffuse the light emitted by LEDs, reducing glare and providing a softer, more comfortable illumination.

4. Can I use EzLightWraps to hide missing bulbs?

Yes, EzLightWraps are designed to conceal missing bulbs, hide a rusty fixture, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

5. How long does it take to install an EzLightWraps?

Installation is incredibly quick and easy, most taking less than five minutes. No tools or electrician is needed, making it a hassle-free process.

6. Are EzLightWraps suitable for all types of lighting fixtures?

No, but many. EzLightWraps are designed to fit most strip lights aka "Hollywood lights" usually in a bathroom. Check out this blog post or if you have specific concerns contact us below or through chat. A "before" photo will always help.

7. Can EzLightWraps be customized to match my bathroom decor?

Yes! Choose from a range of bracket colors to ensure your EzLightWraps complements your bathroom décor perfectly. Metallic finish fixtures can be painted.

8. Can I remove an EzLightWraps once it's installed?

Absolutely. EzLightWraps are easily removable, allowing you to revert to your original lighting configuration if desired. Only on painted fixtures will a mark be left behind. 

9. Do EzLightWraps require any maintenance?

Very easy to clean!  The shades are easy to take down and vacuum the front or wipe out any dust inside, and easy to change a bulb whether on or off.

10. How can I contact EzLightWraps customer support?

For any further questions or assistance, please feel free to contact our customer support team at ezlightwraps@gmail.com or call us at (507) 291-5356.

Additional Information

Shades 25" or under are shipped with magnets instead of Velcro. These will apply in seconds to a metal fixture as viewed below. IF you do not have a metal fixture follow these steps:
  • REMOVE the magnet from the bracket, or you can apply the Velcro right over.
  • Hold up brackets to where you think is the best look, please refer to the insert sheet that comes with your shade.
  • Put the soft fuzzy 'loop' strip on, and the hook piece on your fixture.
  • FIRMLY press that velcro in place. Let set for at minimum 12 hours before putting up the shade and voilá! It will magically transform your bath!
What is special about EzLightWraps?


Hide those Oh so bright LED Bulbs!

No need to hire an electrician, buy a better light, spackle and paint the wall. And all those LED bulbs - so much glare!


Save Money $$$

Base cost of an electrician is $75 - $150

This is a simple DIY solution to quickly update without hiring any help, buying any tools or a new fixture. Generally a licensed electrician is $125 and up just to show up. And this is something you will appreciate every morning when you flip that switch!

Still looking to save?  Two ways to make these more affordable:
1) Seconds or Returns  We often have some that don't look as perfect in the package but the same when up hiding your light! Look for those here or contact us to see what we might have on hand. Perfect for staging before selling!
2) Join Our Affiliate Program! 
10% Commission on any sales made through your unique affiliate link. Sign up here  - this is perfect for those that live in condos, townhomes, apartment buildings where all your neighbors also have these lights. If you are posting on FB, Instagram or Tiktok share our posts, tag us @EzLightWraps and add your link for friends to shop through. 

Showing a woman holding a baby admiring her Ezlightwraps that is smooth finish with gold brackets. She is holding a baby when she installs

Easy install, you can take it with!

Quick & easy design! With our bracket & shade system update your bath lighting in under 5 minutes, and no painter necessary. NOTE: if you have a beveled edge fixture the bottom of it will show but bulbs will be covered.


If You are Covering Medicine Cabinet Lights

This works perfectly for updating medicine cabinets with the attached lights.
On these brackets attach on a bit higher up to not hit the mirrored doors so you will need to purchase small bulbs - such as appliance bulbs or ceiling fan bulbs. 60 Watt or 40 Watt equivalent.


Energy Efficient

Use inexpensive and efficient LED Bulbs

Hides those standard LED bulbs, and in a couple years the EZ Light Wrap PAYS FOR ITSELF! Hide any of the more energy efficient bulbs - save time, money AND the planet! (Display courtesy of Batteries Plus)