Some are able to be shipped with magnets instead of Velcro! These will apply in seconds to a metal fixture as viewed below. IF you do not have a metal fixture follow these steps:
  • REMOVE the metal piece with 3M tape from the bracket - the magnet is securely attached. Add brackets and hold up to where you want to locate them.
  • ADD the metal pieces by CAREFULLY peeling off the back 3M tape WITHOUT peeling the glue layer! Stick the foam tape pieces on gently. Lay the shade (with brackets on) a flat surface so they are both lined up. Hold up to the metal and it should click in place, but be SURE they are EACH attached before letting go. Make sure the full surface of each is engaged. Looks good?
  • REMOVE and FIRMLY press that metal in place. Let set for 12-24 hours before putting up the shade and voilá! It will magically transform your bath!
What is special about EzLightWraps?


Hide those Oh so bright LED Bulbs!

No need to hire an electrician, buy a better light, spackle and paint the wall. And all those LED bulbs - so much glare!

Save Money

Base cost of an electrician is $75 - $150

This is a simple DIY solution to quickly update without hiring any help, buying any tools or a new fixture. Generally a licensed electrician is $125 on up to show up!

Easy install, you can take it with!

Showing a woman holding a baby admiring her Ezlightwraps that is smooth finish with gold brackets. She is holding a baby when she installs

Quick & easy design - these Velcro up! With our bracket & shade system update your bath lighting in under 5 minutes, and no painter necessary. NOTE: if you have a beveled edge fixture the bottom of it will show but bulbs will be covered.

If You are Covering Medicine Cabinet Lights

This works perfectly for updating medicine cabinets with the attached lights

On these brackets attach on a bit higher up to not hit the mirrored doors so you will need to purchase small bulbs - such as appliance bulbs or ceiling fan bulbs. 60 Watt or 40 Watt equivalent


Energy Efficient

Use inexpensive and efficient LED Bulbs

Hides those standard LED bulbs, and in a couple years the EZ Light Wrap PAYS FOR ITSELF! Hide any of the more energy efficient bulbs - save time, money AND the planet! (Display courtesy of Batteries Plus)