Toilet Paper Test 😳 😁

Toilet Paper Test 😳 😁

Not a test at all - but an EZ way to measure your existing light without leaving the bathroom!! It will not be exact, but likely is "close enough"! 

TP sheets are generally 4" - 4.5" wide, and lights vary in size by about 4". So take a length of Toilet paper and hold up to your light - if a little less than 5 sheets wide you have an 18"- 20" light. The common 4 bulb light is 24" and around 6 sheets wide.  

5 sheets = 20" 3 bulb

6 sheets = 24" 4 bulb

7 sheets = 30" 5 bulb

9 sheets = 36" 6 bulb

Again, if you have an odd fixture that does not look like one of these here, send in a pic to us and the approximate measure! We have probably seen it all before. Be sure to put your pants on before taking that photo though! 🤭

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