Update built in medicine cabinets

Update built in medicine cabinets

Often folks have medicine cabinets with attached lights and they are difficult to replace and rewire. Or maybe you rent and are unable to change? We have got you covered!! 

We have transformed many medicine cabinets and some of those are our happiest customers. (actual customer review photos!)

A few photos and tips - 

1) Measure the inset section and the full width of the cabinet. I think it looks best if the shade is within the outer wood frame. See my two samples here.

This seems a bit too wide -

2) IF your inset is metal, you may want to order the magnets for attachment. Try a fridge magnet on your light - does it stick on? Then our magnets should too! Request when ordering - 25" or shorter

3) You likely need SMALLER bulbs! Please do not order bulbs before you get your shade or if you do, opt for the appliance bulbs, aka fan light bulbs. If you have more than 4 bulbs, 40 watt LED should be fine - that is alot of bulbs.  

If you have 2-4 bulbs, consider using 60 Watt LED's, daylight if available.

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