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  • This photo shows a bare beveled edge Hollywood strip light and a girl installing an EZLightWraps on another one next to it.
  • This shows the before and after steps to install an EzLightWrap bath shade over a metal fixture to hide glaring LED bulbs. step one shows the light with mismatched bulbs, step 2 shows removing the adhesive strip on the back of the bracket Step 3 shows adjusting the bracket and step 4 shows installing the light over the strip light
  • This pic shows 3 types of strip lights that our EzLightWraps cover - a beveled edge fixture with a few bulbs missing, a standard 8 bulb Hollywood Light in gold, and a medicine cabinet with built in lights. This one has Edison bulbs but we can hide those too. Usually you want smaller light bulbs in medicine cabinets.
  • This pic shows 3 types of strip lights that our EzLightWraps cover -Brand new modern LED tube lights that are too bright for some folks, to replace dated glass shades from the 50's and showing one of those glass covered fixtures without it - just showing the bulbs alone. This is one ugly fixture (very old and dirty) that we covered in minutes.
  • This is a contemporary bathroom with an Angela Gray EzLightWrap with black brackets above the sink. It says Great with modern and contemporary decor
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25" 4 Bulb EZLightWraps™ Smooth White Shade

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Primary color
This 25" Smooth White fabric shade provides great light while hiding those Hollywood lights. Comes with 2 metallic finish brackets. This size is perfect to cover 4 bulb lights, also fits many medicine cabinets
  • Diffuse glaring LED's or hide missing bulbs with this shade
  • Simple 5-minute installation - no tools or electrician needed
  • Fits light fixtures up to 24" wide -  3 - 4 bulbs
  • Get the perfect classic look with your choice of bracket colors
  • Versatile - adjustable to hide off-center lights
  • Easily removable - perfect if you are unable to make permanent changes to your bathroom
  • No Wiring Easy Installation - Renter-Friendly EASY DIY installation, NO electrician needed. Complete kit includes: Clear installation instructions, 1 white laminated fabric shade, 2 engineered brackets and industrial strength Velcro or magnets to effortlessly attach.
  • Reduces Glare - Smooth White fabric Shade Light cover will soften the glare from your exisitng exposed light bulbs. Choose matching bulbs for best look.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

We ship this size with magnets - Order Velcro/Super glue for wood or mirrored

Why EZLightWraps?

Our exclusive EZLightWraps attach directly to your existing strip light fixture, a great DIY solution. 

We are a family-run business and each shade is made with love in our factory in Minnesota.  Need a custom size?

Get a Bathroom Upgrade at a Fraction of the Cost!

Reduce LED glare and transform your “Hollywood” lights to a modern designer-look to instantly upgrade Vanity Lighting Cover any bathroom in minutes!  Our light shades are extremely lightweight and can be easily installed yourself. No need to buy an expensive light or spackle and paint a wall.

The versatile styling seamlessly matches your other bath fixtures. Blends naturally with nearly every decor - traditional, farmhouse, contemporary, mid-century, modern, mission and eclectic.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Angela W.
All I can say is Wow!!!

What an amazing concept! I'm so happy I ordered this shade. It instantly updated the look of our bathroom! I literally stood there with my mouth open in awe. I used the magnets to attach it to our 4-bulb Hollywood light fixture. At first I didn't think the magnets would be strong enough. But 5 days later and it's still in place. I also love that it helps to diffuse the bright glare. I was only using 2 bulbs, but with the shade I am now able to use all 4 bulbs without blinding myself. Thanks for shipping it so quickly!

brittany Anderson
Great option to spruce up bright lights

Love these and they helped our lights from being so bright! We weren’t able to pay someone to do new light fixtures so these were a stylish alternative to help us enjoy our master bathroom

Susan Beining

I love the look. Totally changed the unevenness of my light.

Won’t stay up

I bought 4. I followed all instructions. 2 fell within 3 days.

Kerry Reisinger
Pretty nice

Had a little trouble getting the magnets to stay put. Every morning they would have slid down a bit during the night.
The unit itself looks ok. Will certainly do the job until I redo the bathroom.
Just fine for the low price.

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