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Glue for mirrored fixtures -

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Purchase this small super glue for any mirrored fixture as it will hold in place better. Also works well if you have a ceiling mounted fixture, or need to glue magnets on (if not purchased on the brackets). Glue or Gorilla tape ships free if ordered with your shade.

FYI - This is readily available at most hardware or home stores, craft stores or Dollar stores but we are happy to ship with.

To use - first put up your shade with Velcro provided in the location you want. Make sure it looks good from up close and further away. You can WAIT over night with shade down so the Velcro can take hold and then add the shade up. IF it seems the Velcro is not holding, this glue will work well with just a few drops on the back of each piece of Velcro. When you glue and put back in place, wait at least 2 hours to hang shade back up. Contact me here through Etsy if you are having issues!

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