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  • Pink bath scrubber shown on shower wall with woman
  • Pink bath scrubber showing the suction cup backing
  • Pink bath scrubber showing with foamy soap on a tile floor
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Hands Free Bath Scrubber for feet or back!

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This fabulous little rubbery scrubber has suction cups on the back to make it easy to position and use on those hard to reach spots - feet and back! Suction to the wall and get a good back scrub in. Suction to the floor of your tub and scrub your feet without bending. You can also suction to your shower wall to clean and let drip dry.  This is a great little bath tool for dry winter skin!

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FInally Arrived, With a Nice Note

My scrubber finally arrived with a note apologizing for the delay in shipping. They didn't have the color (which I chose by mistake) in stock. But I now finally have a way of washing the bottoms of my feet! I have problems with balance and flexibility, so this has been a problem. The Bath Scrubber is just what I needed. It's a little smaller than I thought, so I do have to move it around to scrub my back, but that's not a big problem. Anyway, it's a helpful little gizmo.

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