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All I can say is Wow!!!

What an amazing concept! I'm so happy I ordered this shade. It instantly updated the look of our bathroom! I literally stood there with my mouth open in awe. I used the magnets to attach it to our 4-bulb Hollywood light fixture. At first I didn't think the magnets would be strong enough. But 5 days later and it's still in place. I also love that it helps to diffuse the bright glare. I was only using 2 bulbs, but with the shade I am now able to use all 4 bulbs without blinding myself. Thanks for shipping it so quickly!

Love these

I absolutely love these light wraps. No wiring involved, no nails needed and no painting. So easy to install. They covered my outdated Hollywood lights. I would recommend these to anyone. I'm so happy.

Great option to spruce up bright lights

Love these and they helped our lights from being so bright! We weren’t able to pay someone to do new light fixtures so these were a stylish alternative to help us enjoy our master bathroom

It is a good set up. I will say the magnets seem to be gently weak. But it does connect, but it can be displaced very easily.

Makes a world of difference!

Selling our home with dated bar lights in bathroom. Decided to try EZ Light Wraps instead of new fixtures. Amazing, and our realtor loved them! She will be recommending them to other sellers!

Such a difference!

Installation was was easy! The Velcro strip idea is so clever! I’ve hated those backstage-type lights and have never been able to find a new light bar that accommodates six bulbs. This little gem ended my search!

EzLightwraps MAGNETS

I purchased the 60” shade. We used the magnet brackets to attach it to my fixture. It looked great but the shade fell off 3 days later. Very disappointed.

I love the look. Totally changed the unevenness of my light.

Love these shade covers!

There were the addition to our master bathroom that we needed without spending money or worrying about an electrician to change light fixtures. Highly recommend!

Easiest Non-renovation Renovation Ever!

I researched a way to get rid of my ugly gold accented Hollywood lights without having to replace the entire light fixture and was THRILLED to find EZ Light Wraps! They instantly modernized my bathroom without a major construction project. It was so quick and easy to assemble too!

Perfect Piece

Love love love my new wrap! It fits perfect and makes my bathroom look so much better! I showed all of my friends and they all want one!

Installed in two baths

These look amazing in my bathrooms! Highly recommended, a little pricey but worth the cost compared to buying new fixtures and the hassle of taking down the old and putting up new ones.

Good shade, bad system

The shade is supposed to be held up by small, cheap strips of adhesive and velcro. But the velcro is incapable of holding up the weight of the shade so it kept falling down. I love the light shade and was determined to make it work. I did so with wire and nails. Not elegant, but it worked.

Won’t stay up

I bought 4. I followed all instructions. 2 fell within 3 days.


I hated my light fixtures at my airbnb bathroom but didn’t want to replace and paint so this was an excellent option. They look great! SO much better than those ugly globe bulbs.

Pretty nice

Had a little trouble getting the magnets to stay put. Every morning they would have slid down a bit during the night.
The unit itself looks ok. Will certainly do the job until I redo the bathroom.
Just fine for the low price.

Love the look

The EZ Lightwrap looked good in my bathroom, however the adhesive on the velcro didn't hold up. I'm assuming it was from the moister in the bathroom. I will have to find another way of holding up the lightwrap and velcro.

Quick and easy update

I replaced a Hollywood light fixture a couple years ago using an electrician. EZ Light Wrap saved me hundreds of dollars and looks great.

Looks Great!

Impressed that I can update my bathroom lights in a matter of a few minutes!

It looks good

It was pretty easy to put up

Great product

Easy to install and looks so much better!
Excellent customer service

Not received

I have not received this item


Absolutely love this. Did wonders for my bathroom!

Cover fell

One has already fallen, magnet is attached to light fixture, will try to glue back to frame. I am using only 25 watt LED's, less than what was recommend.

Could be better.

I put them up the first time and the next day after having the lights on for an extended time, the heat from the light bulbs, made the sticky velcro pad come off the cabinet. The shade didn't stay up. Now I have to figure out a way to fix that.